About One Screw Loose

As far back as he can remember, Travis has always had a knack for building things with his hands; be it a diesel engine or the occasional leprechaun trap for his son's school project.


Travis' career as a woodworker began several years ago while admiring an adirondack chair at a local shop. He immediately thought to himself, 'I can make this better' ...and so he did.

With his new chairs on display, word spread about the handyman down the block. Soon enough, friends and neighbors were knocking on his garage door with requests from 'Can you fix this wobbly table leg?' to custom made cubbies and furniture. A few new tools and classes later, Travis found himself running a pretty successful small business!


One Screw Loose offers a wide range of products from endgrain cutting boards to shadowbox plaques, shelving units, picture frames, and custom awards.  Check out the photo gallery for examples of our work, and feel free to contact us about any custom projects you dont see here.